No retreat no surrender

There is no morality in the basic form of capitalism, neither religious nor philosophical yardstick can be applied.

Unregulated self-assertive norm, today in private form like the apple in Dollar’s garden.

Church and state had to be cut off, when do we take the umbilical cord to the few who steal everything for everyone else and our nature?

I am hungry by injustice, lucky I am flexitarian, but at the moment I would not deny a well-grated and maple-fat barbarian.

Then when Duvemåla tribes did not flourish.

King, church and tax collector was the deflector, half of the country defected thus ”indigenous” to regime-critical minds became shining clean.


Now when we seemly ask us why no function in parish.

Finance, state, tax collector who still creates hatred and even pursues the king with mortgaged crown.

Flourish for few, so by people’s choice orchestrated.


Prison the indebted,

put a stop to the import of slaves in need, and let the domesticated slave capital work all night,

in deed.


Wash down all profits, shave the cat and take the neighbor girl on the teat,

sell weapons to the highest bidder and blow up our nature.


Is it just me who thinks this is disgusting?

Well it’s nothing but not neat.


This is Sweden to day, trick or treat.

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