Facts about the greatest Greta’s Sweden, a country today openly racist and narcissistic hypocrites in most, the host of commercial interests and in it’s essence.

30 min from where i Live is a peninsula approx 50 miles long out in the Baltic sea.

Here the wealthiest in Sweden have their residents or summerhouse or 10 more houses.

Halfway lengthwise the half island there is a canal dug during the war, to avoid either side of what to come as the default new system,

had dropped their mines.

Them swines.

Well every year this ”island” is in clear and present danger for become Atlantis 00000,2

To save the sheit, the local government wants to build a part wall and use soil in walls surrounding parts of the flood area.

It didn’t go through.. The golf course was on the outside…

As we Swedes already implemented in the German strain of ”Vorsprung Durch Technik ” and the fact that a small man with bad health and bad haircut high on morphine and coke (adored the Ayrians) It was not a joke he let us be.. NUTS!

Well, after the war we still had our factories, but no work force since half our population joined the climate refugee boats to America, after 2 harsh winters and a veeeery sunny summer.

We sent all pink and other stinking Volvo buses and bought some DAF’ss and filled them too.

We need all cheap slaves we can loot,

especially to clean the loo.

FFW…. Waterloo.. Roots..

The Chinese copied us, took over the money, whom a twat now tries to implement with also the essence of fascism…. If only weapons are produced and exported, you don’t have to be apart from the most snorted. Now I abort myself! Time to empty more sheit, but dog this time.

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