When Will It Stop?

From this time

I realize

The meaning of

What life is about


I’ve seen the world

From an other side

So grey and dark

And I tried to hide


It was full of deceit

Had a lack of trust

No one would help

The people who prayed



Fell dead to the ground

They killed them all

Without any shame


Along the streets

You can see blood

It flows along the road

And nobody can do

Anything about it


How does it happen

Why is it so

That people lose

Their faith in life


Why cant you see

All the pain

That you create

With weapons and war


We are not born to kill

We are no machines

But a few will determine

What we are forced to do


It need not to be so

That the strong decide

All have a value

Everyone has a voice


So stop the war

Begin to listen

We need each other

To perfect the world


-Åsa Lilja –

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